Equipping Ministry with Technology

Leverage cutting-edge IT solutions tailored to help your business grow and stay ahead.

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Subsplash Consulting

Strategic Consulting for Digital Engagement

Extend your ministry's reach with our Subsplash consulting services. We help you leverage this comprehensive digital platform for maximum community engagement and streamlined content management.

App Design

We partner with you to design a Subsplash app tailored to your ministry’s unique needs, from media tabs for sermons to specialized sections for youth and adult ministries, ensuring your app resonates with every member of your congregation.

Staff Training

Adopting new technology is a powerful step, and we're here to ensure your team wields it effectively. Our training covers everything from push notifications to mass emails, empowering each ministry leader to fully engage with the community.

Process Development

More than just deploying an app, we help you maximize its impact. We'll guide you in using your digital platform to nurture your current community and connect with those not yet reached, ensuring thoughtful stewardship of your digital resources.

UniFi Consulting

UniFi Enterprise-Grade Networking

Essential to every ministry is a reliable, business-grade network—often as foundational as the building itself yet frequently overlooked. A robust network underpins vital ministry functions, from delivering high-quality live streams via the RTMP protocol to offering a secure guest Wi-Fi experience. Moreover, it ensures children's safety by blocking harmful content at the network level, a proactive measure not standard in basic ISP setups. Our UniFi solutions are crafted to make sure your network infrastructure meets these critical needs efficiently.

System Design

Collaboratively, we'll architect a UniFi network system that aligns with your ministry's vision and budget. We understand the uniqueness of each facility and tailor our designs to match your specific requirements.

Implementation Support

Our approach empowers your volunteer teams with the necessary knowledge to install the network equipment. By working alongside your dedicated members, we ensure a smooth implementation process.

Remote Configuration

To maximize cost-efficiency, we specialize in remote network configurations. For around $600, we can set up a complete UniFi network, guiding you to provide remote access securely. The primary investment is in the hardware—our expertise in configuration ensures that your resources are optimized.

Managed IT

Comprehensive Technology Management for Ministries

Beyond conventional IT, our technology management services extend to AV support, encompassing all the technical aspects of your ministry. From Sunday service production to daily administrative tasks, our Managed IT ensures every tech facet is addressed, aligning technology with your mission.

AV Support

Master your ministry's audiovisual experience with our support. We assist with ProPresenter for presentations, Behringer and Midas for sound, OBS for video, and Vista and LightKey for lighting, providing a strategy for technological upgrades that fit your vision and budget.

IT Helpdesk

Our IT Helpdesk is just an email, text, or call away, ready to resolve queries from Planning Center nuances to general computer issues, ensuring your staff is supported and operations run without technological interruptions.

Tech Strategy

Crafting a forward-thinking tech strategy is essential for any thriving ministry. We guide you through leveraging technology—from effective live streaming with Subsplash LIVE to system enhancements—ensuring your tech evolves with your congregation's needs.