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Prioritizing HIPAA compliance, seamless operations, and patient data security.

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HIPAA Compliance Services

Navigating the Complex World of HIPAA Compliance

In an industry where patient confidentiality and data security are paramount, understanding and meeting HIPAA compliance standards can be overwhelming, especially for small organizations. Our specialized services aim to ease that burden. From policy drafting to implementing controls, we offer a comprehensive approach tailored to your specific needs. While we aren’t auditors ourselves, our close partnerships allow us to connect you with trusted professionals for auditing, ensuring you receive favorable pricing. Whether you require standalone support or wish to bundle it with our Managed IT services, our goal remains clear: to guide you confidently through the intricacies of HIPAA, ensuring your patient data is safe and your practices are compliant.

Policy Drafting & Guidance

Customized policy writing to align with the specific needs and structure of your healthcare organization.

Control Implementation

Deploying necessary controls and practices to ensure your infrastructure adheres to compliance standards.

PHI & HIPAA Training

Empower your staff with knowledge. We offer curated training modules on Protected Health Information (PHI) and HIPAA, ensuring everyone is well-versed in compliance standards.

Managed IT

Reliable IT Helpdesk: Always There, Always Aware

Starting at just $220/mo per user, gain access to full-stack managed IT and compliance as a service tailored for healthcare. Navigate the complexities of healthcare IT with ease, backed by our team's expertise in immediate helpdesk support, top-tier cybersecurity, and comprehensive IT management.

Dedicated IT Helpdesk

Always have a dependable team at your side. Whether you need to schedule a call with an engineer or require emergency phone assistance during the week, our helpdesk is committed to addressing your IT concerns efficiently and professionally.

Full-Stack IT Management

From networking and device management to software updates, we're your all-encompassing IT partner. Think of us as your full-stack IT department, always ready to optimize and oversee every tech aspect.

Security & Compliance Excellence

Protecting patient data is a non-negotiable. We merge top-tier cybersecurity practices with comprehensive HIPAA compliance services, giving you peace of mind.

UniFi Consulting

UniFi Enterprise Networking for Healthcare

At the core of healthcare is the need for reliable and high-performing network solutions. With UniFi networking, we ensure your organization has a steadfast technological foundation.

Expert System Design

Tailored to your healthcare environment, we architect network designs that enhance efficiency, ensuring rapid data transfers and optimal system uptime.

Seamless Implementation

Our team ensures a hassle-free rollout, integrating the latest Unify solutions without disrupting your essential services.

Remote Configuration & Monitoring

Stay ahead with proactive network management. We remotely configure and monitor your systems, guaranteeing optimal performance and swift issue resolution.

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