Founder & CEO

Cody Franklin

As the founder and CEO of Unified IT, my professional path is deeply rooted in service and the pursuit of technological excellence. Inspired by the core values of humility, excellence, and innovation, I lead our team in providing comprehensive IT solutions that cater to the nuanced needs of small to mid-sized businesses.

Cody Franklin

About Cody Franklin

Leading Unified IT as its founder and CEO has been a journey marked not only by professional growth but also by a deep commitment to the values of humility, excellence, and innovation—principles that were reinforced during my time at Subsplash. This experience allowed me to embrace and learn the importance of not just solving technical problems but doing so with a spirit of service and support that's both friendly and helpful.

My path in technology started with the privilege of serving as a technical director for a Baptist church. It was here that I had the opportunity to learn and contribute to modernizing their technical operations with innovative video and networking solutions. These early experiences were instrumental in shaping my approach to IT and service.

When I started Unified IT in 2019, we specializing in system integration, focusing on UniFi networking, cameras, and phones. However, it was our distinctive commitment to quality that set us apart and guided us to expand our services. Recognizing the need within the 1 to 99-employee business space, we evolved in 2022 to provide a comprehensive IT solution, designed for organizations in need of a full IT team's expertise without the overhead.

Our growth has been rapid and exhilarating, mirrored by the success and community we've built on our YouTube channel. It's here where we connect, share, and continue to learn with others who are just as enthusiastic about technology.

Outside of the dynamic world of IT, my personal interests take flight in the realms of aerospace and aviation, an area that captivates my imagination with its blend of history and innovation. When I do carve out time for leisure, you'll often find me immersed in the vast universe of Star Citizen, a game that mirrors my love for exploration and technology.

At Unified IT, we embody the values learned and lived: humility in our service, excellence in our solutions, and innovation in every challenge we meet. These are the cornerstones of not just our work, but our relationship with each client we have the honor to serve.