Protect what
who's important.

Door Access

Protect one of the most crucial ways to access your building.

Mobile Unlock
NFC Cards & Fobs
Pin Codes
Set Access Schedules

Create schedules that automatically unlock and lock rooms or buildings at your facility.

Create Access Polices

Grant unique privileges to persons and groups based on their role.

Emergency Lockdown

If the unthinkable ever happens, you will have the ability to lock every door in your facility, and disable all unlocking methods. Two forms of confirmation are required to disable a lockdown.

Backup Power

All of our installations come with a battery backup system. If you run out of battery power, your keys will continue to work if you run out of battery power.

Built-In Doorbell

The Pro reader comes with a built-in doorbell that when pushed will notify you via the mobile app. In the app, you will have the option to see the door and engage in voice chat.

Access Logs

Know who is coming and when. View and audit a complete record of when each door is unlocked.

Office 365
User Sync

Import users from your Microsoft 365 directory.

‍User Sync

Import users from your Google Workspace directory.

Camera System

Watch over your organization to maintain security and compliance.


4K Security

4K Resolition & Optical Zoom
Smart Detection
Night Vision
No Monthly Fees

Since your own your cameras, and server there is no need to pay a provider for service.

iPhone icon
Human-Friendly Apps

Protect comes with web and mobile apps that are intuitive and simple to use.

Local Storage

Your footage is stored locally on your server, and never in the cloud. This means your privacy is protected.

Completely IP, & POE

All one wire to the camera, no need to run power separately!

Backup Power

Our installations come with an optional back-up power supply to power your cameras and network in the event of an outage.

Integrates with Door Access

Get in depth user information as to who is accessing what portion of the organization at what times.

Easy to Expand

With the modularity of our camera systems, it is easy to pick and choose what you need vs. what you don't.

1 Year Warenty

One year warrant on all parts and labor no if, and, or buts!